(Leader of IKONA group)

Assistant Professor In Iconography

Faculty of Theology, University of Athens

Academic Distinctions and Appointments

Born in Greece in 1956, George Kordis read theology at the University of Athens.  He pursued his studies at the postgraduate level at Holy Cross Theological School in Boston, where he specialized in both theology and the aesthetics of Byzantine painting, gaining an MA in theology. In 1991 he was awarded his Doctorate in Theology at the University of Athens, while in 2003 he has appointed to the post of Lecturer at the same university. Today he is an assistant professor in Iconography (Theory and Practice) at the University of Athens.

In addition to lecturing and writing on Byzantine iconography at the academic level, George Kordis also teaches the art of icon painting.   He is a visiting professor on the summer program of Yale University (at the Institute of Sacred Music), at which his last course was entitled Glory on Earth—The Art of Icon Painting,  on the School of Fine Arts (Cluj Napoca) Rumania, School of Theology of Bucharest Rumania, Pedagogical University of Odessa Ukraine, University of South Carolina etc.

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Todor_EnchevTodor Enchev

Chief Asst. Prof., Faculty of Theology, University of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.

Todor Enchev was born in 1967 in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. He is a chief assistant professor of Christian Archaeology and Art at the Faculty of Theology, “St. Cyril and St. Methodius” University of Veliko Tarnovo. He received his BA degree in Theology at the same University and pursued his postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Theology of the Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, gaining an MA in Theology. He has participated in archaeological excavations at the mediaeval monastery of “Karaač teke” near Varna, Bulgaria, under the supervision of Prof. Kazimir Popkonstantinov of the University of Veliko Tarnovo (2001-2008), and in Preslav, under the supervision of the same professor (2006 – 2007). His main research interests are in the field of early Christian art and archeology, and history of Christian art. He has translated theological literature from Greek into Bulgarian.



Mihai Coman

Assistant prof. at the Sacred Art Department, Faculty of Orthodox Theology Justinian the Patriarch, University of Bucharest

Born in Romania in 1979, Mihai Coman is Assistant Professor for Traditional Painting Techniques in the University of Buchares, Faculty of Orhodox Theology The Patriarch Justinian, Department of Sacred Art. He gained an MA in Pastoral and Liturgical Life at the Faculty of Orhodox Theology The Patriarch Justinian (Bucharest, Romania).  Completed his universitary studies in the Department of Conversation and Restoration of Art Works, Nicolae Grigorescu University of Fine Arts, Bucharest, Romania.  Since 2008 he is a PhD candidate of the Faculty of Orhodox Theology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.  In the present icon and mural painter, attested by the Religious Painting Commision of the Romanian Patriarchy and member of UAP – The Romanian Artists Union.  Main works interior paintings of St. Gregory Palamas Church, Politecnic University Campus, Bucharest (in fresco technique).


SONY DSCTodor Mitrovic

Associate Professor (docent) in Academy of Serbian Orthodox Church for Fine Arts and Conservation in Belgrade, Serbia, born in Belgrade, Serbia, 1972. Graduated, Belgrade Fine Arts Faculty (FLU) 1997.

Postgraduate, Magister of Arts degree, Belgrade Fine Arts Faculty (FLU) 2006.

Exhibited at various (international) group and eight solo exhibitions.

Active engagement in Belgrade art scene with abstract paintings (awarded for exhibition in 1999) till 2003 (last exhibition of secular paintings).

Painting icons since 1993.

Teaching different courses about (portable) icon painting, on primary (bachelor) and master level, at the Academy of Serbian Orthodox Church for Fine Arts and Conservation in Belgrade ( since 2002 (as Associate Professor, since 2007).

Publishing articles about church art since 2007.

Illustrating (church) books for children since 1998.

Having experienced very different modes of artistic expression (portrait, abstract and icon painting), Todor Mitrović is trying in his icons to make a bridge between church and contemporary art. Through magister’s  thesis – Iconography as a contemporary painting – achieved to exhibit icons as an academically recognized development of contemporary visual arts scene.


SONY DSCAssist: Slavica Mihailova

Teacher of art in OU Stiv Naumov,Bitola,Macedonia

She finished as bachelor of art and murals in National Art Academy of fine arts “Nikolai Pavlovic” in Sofia,Bulgaria-2001.At the moment she is finishing the MA degree of iconography in the Academy of Art and Restoration in Belgrade,Serbia with the prof.Todor Mitrovic.

Also she has studied iconography 2 years with prof.Dr Giorgos Kordis in Thessaloniki,Greece. She owns a private studio and she works as a freelance iconographer. She have several individual and many group exhibitions in Macedonia and in many other countries. As an icon painter, her works can be seen in churches and private collections in Macedonia and in many countries around the world.Her works can be seen at:


 SONY DSCProf. Evgenia Davydenko

Dean of faculty of Iconography, St. Petersburg Institute of Theology &Sacred Arts, Russia.

Born in 1971. Since 1988 she studied in St. Petersburg College of Restoration and work in restoration workshop. Since 1993 she studied in SPb Institute of Philosophy & Theology and graduated it in 1999 (MA in Theology). In 1995-2001 she studied in St. Petersburg Orthodox Academy in department of icon-painting. In 1997 she was one of founder of St. Petersburg Institute of Theology & Sacred Arts. One of the purpose of the project was to give the possibility of icon-painting education for common people. The second aim to make the place of interaction of sacred & secular art. She works as icon-painter and wall-painter near 15 years, and works in icon-painting studio “Iconografia” now. She is a member of the Union of Artist of Russia. She organized 12 exhibitions of modern icons in Russia and abroad.


SONY DSCAssist. Prof. Vasile Tudor

Department of Sacred Art, Orthodox Theology Faculty, University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” – Iasi, Romania.

He was born in Romania in 1964 and in 1991 he graduated at the University of Arts “George Enescu” in Iasi, specialization sculpture.  From 1991 to 1998 he worked as an archaeological ceramics restaurateur, The Seminar of Old History and Archaeology, Faculty of History from The University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” – Iasi.

From 1992 to 1994 he followed the program for postgraduate training “Basis For Scientific Restoration” and was attested in the specialization of patrimony items of metal, ceramics, glass at the Personnel Center Training of Culture and Arts from the Ministry of Culture, Bucharest.

In 1996 he became a member of the Artists Union from Romania (U.A.P.), section Sculpture. From 1998 to 2004 he was an assistant professor at the department Mural Art from the University of Arts “George Enescu” – Iasi.

From 2004 to present days he is an assistant professor at the department of Sacred Art, Faculty of Orthodox Theology, University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” – Iasi.

In 2010 he gained PhD at the University of Arts “George Enescu”, Iasi. Participated at numerous group exhibitions (U.A.P.), symposium, both national and international, collaborated with specialists from the domain of national patrimony icons restoration and took part in sites of Byzantine mural art in the technique “al fresco”.


SONY DSCProf. Desislava Ivanova

Department of Christian Art of the Faculty of Theology, Cyril and Methodius University from Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

She is born in 1975 in Gorna Oriahovica, Bulgaria. She finished her studies in 1998 and received MA degree in iconography at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology, University of Veliko Tarnovo St. Cyril and St. Methodius. From 2005 till now she is a lecturer in wall painting in the Department of Church Arts of the same faculty.

She is the author or one of the authors of the mural paintings in several churches and chapels in Bulgaria. As an icon painter, her works can be seen in churches and private collections in the country and abroad. Her professional interests also include history and theory of the Christian art



SONY DSCLect. Philip Davydov

Institute of Orthodox Theology and Ecclesial Arts in Sankt Petersburg, Russia

Philip Davydov born in 1975, Moscow. Studied practice of iconography 1991-2001 with his father Rev. Andrey Davydov, who belongs to the group of iconographers, started their activity in Russia in the 1980-th. ,1991 – 2005 Philip assistance at every-year July senior class course of icon-painting in Italy. 1997 – 2004 studied in St. Petersburg State Academy of Fine Arts. Specialization: History and Theory of Art with several research works, dedicated to comparative iconography. Founded his own “Sacred Murals Studio” in 2001. In total, there are more than one hundred and fifty icons, frescoes and metal works by Philip Davydov, located in churches and individual property in Russia, USA, Italy, Belgium, Australia,Denmark,Netherlands, and other countries . Philip Davydov is currently a lecturer and scientific secretary at the Institute of Theology and Sacred Arts and head of Sacred Murals Studio in St. Petersburg, Russia. Philip’s goal and the goal of his Studio is to create icons and murals in the Christian tradition, while being inspired by contemporary works of Christian sacred art. It is vitally important for him and his co-workers to study the best prototypes of iconography, to follow traditional Church canons and thus perpetuate traditional techniques and materials of our medieval colleagues, keeping alive a tradition that is nearly two millennium old


SONY DSCLect. Yaroslava Alexeeva

St. Petersburg Institute of Theology & Sacred Arts, Russia.

 Born in 1970 in Moscow.Graduated the Academy of Arts and Design in St. Petersburg at Department of  Architecture & Interior. And then the Department of Easel & Book Graphic in 1997.  As an icon-painters she studied in St. Petersburg  Orthodox Seminary. During last 15 years working in this field.Since 2000 she works in St. Petersburg Institute of Theology & Sacred Arts like lecturer of drawing.At the present time she is a leader of the icon-painting studio “Iconografia”, making wall-painting, iconostasis projects and icons. The studio works in contact with workshops specializing in carving, gilding etc., united by idea of collective creation in traditional steam. It’s principal position that group of people with common sight can create more interesting & fresh work than one person can.She is a member of the Union of the Artist of Russia and participant of many exhibitions in Russia and abroad


SONY DSCVanya Nikolova Sapundzhieva

PhD, Chief Asst. Prof. of Art and Iconography at the Department of Church Arts, Faculty of Theology, St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.

 She received her MA degree in Iconography at the Faculty of Theology, St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo in 1998, and obtained her PhD in 2007. Since 2008 she is a full-time lecturer of Icon-painting at the same university. She was awarded a scholarship from the Bulgarian National Science Fund (2010) and has started her postdoctoral research at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She works as a freelance iconographer. Her professional career includes execution of church murals in Bulgaria and abroad; organization of and participation in collaborative iconographic exhibitions; research work in the field of Christian art and iconography.


lazarLazar Predrag Markovic

Art historian, freelance curator specialized in iconography, Belgrade, Serbia.

Born in Belgrade in 1963. Completed studies at the Belgrade University, Art History Dept. of the Philosophical Faculty (1989). Last 20 years following contemporary Balkan iconography. Member of the Educational Board of the Holy Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) from 1993-1996. Co-founder and Vice President of BOYA – Balkan Orthodox Youth Association (1992-2000). Selector of the National Icon Competition of the SOC in 2008, organized by the Christian Cultural Centre. Delivered lectures at Cambridge, Oxford, London and Sofia, among others. Since 2003. mainly working as an independent freelance curator of his own project: Balkan Icons – a traveling exhibition presenting more then one hundred contemporary icons, created by academically educated iconographers from the Balkans. The collection emphasizes a need and importance of authentic icons for today’s Church art. It is currently touring Western Europe, displayed, among other venues, at the Cambridge University, Bulgarian National Gallery in Sofia, IKM Museum in Oslo.

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